Case Studies

Just some of the types of cases that will be discussed on the course

A failing upper molar, which was giving the patient pain on biting and would frequently swell up. On accessing the tooth it was apparent that only one MB canal had been located and treated

GP was removed from MB canal and by troughing along the developmental line the MB2 was located and chemo-mechanically prepared

MB and MB2 canals obturated, the symptoms from the tooth had settled and the patient was comfortable.

Nearly all upper first molars have two MB canals, a common cause of failure in these teeth is not to locate and clean the MB2

Substantial overfill - this tooth had lost its vitality as a result of trauma at the age of 11. The apex had not completely closed and when root treated there had been approximately 3mm of GP extruded through the apex. The patient was experiencing pain on biting on this tooth

Overfill retrieved and MTA obturation - the GP was removed using a braiding technique with Hedstroem files and removed en masse. To guard against further extrusion MTA was placed apically to just sub-crestal level and the coronal portion filled with composite